About The Reiki Cafe


                                                                      About Gina

I am a Holistic Health Consultant, Reiki Teacher, graphic designer and author. You can find me in Dallas, TX enjoying life with gusto.

I enjoy sharing the many good things our experience has to offer.  Feel free to connect with me here, on my author website www.ginabriganti.com,Facebook (an excellent option if you’d like to share personal information through messenger), my Amazon Author Page, YouTube channel, Zazzle Store (for graphic designs),Pinterest and on Goodreads.  They’re all good places to be inspired and to share each other’s goodness.

Connect with me through e-mail via thereikicafe@gmail.com


But it’s called The Reiki Cafe.  Where’s the food?

I am a consultant with Thrive Life foods.  Thrive Life foods are non-GMO, delivered directly to your home, great for daily use and for emergency preparations, healthy, and delicious.  Visit The Reiki Cafe’s Thrive Life page to see how Thrive Life can be a part of your life, whether you order for yourself, host a party, or become a member of my team by starting your own Thrive Life business.

In just seven months, I was able to end my decade-long dependency on digestive aids and eradicate my hypoglycemic tendencies. What will this amazing food do for you?


In closing I have two questions for you.

What are your dreams?

How can I help you live them?