Wearable Affirmation Jewelry Workshop – October 6, 2018 Online Via Zoom

Mandala Workshop Flyer

We define an affirmation as a set of words we empower to align us with the energy we want to bring into our lives. There is a list of affirmations in The Reiki Cafe Reiki III (ART) Manual because we know how well they can work based on our own experiences after years of using them in our lives.

Then, we discovered a way to color our affirmations with mandala coloring pages when Shambala published Coloring Mandalas by Susan Fincher in 2000.

Now we are partnering with Magnabilities With Diane to turn her Spirit Candies into jewelry that reinforces your affirmation every time you see your magnetic insert! Gina has one called inner peace and it works beautifully.

Here’s how we create sacred space for you to make the most of your workshop experience:

Your instructor, Gina Briganti, has been leading guided meditations and teaching Reiki since 2007. She will help you and your class relax and move into your intuition to choose your affirmation, choose your mandala, choose your colors, and complete your mandala in a coloring meditation.

When all mandalas are colored, Gina can “read” the mandala and share an interpretation of its meaning.

Suggested affirmations for this workshop are:

I am healthy.

I always have more money than I need in my savings account.

My romantic relationship is happy, balanced, and permanent.

My career is everything I could hope for.

I love myself. (This is Gina’s favorite!)


Inner Peace, colored by Gina Briganti. Photo credit: Gina Briganti

At the end of the workshop you will send/give your mandala to Gina and your pendant, necklace, and insert will be ordered.

The $60 workshop price includes your pendant, ribbon  and your custom insert.

Join us via Zoom from wherever you are on Saturday, Oct. 6th from 2:00-3:30 p.m. CST. A $10 deposit is required to hold your space.

Join us in person in Addison, Texas on Saturday, November 3rd, from 2:00-3:30 p.m.. Address given after your $10 deposit is received.


We look forward to seeing your affirmation unfold in your life!


Gina & Nina

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